For Trainers: the EcoChestnut Manual for trainers


The EcoChestnut Manual for trainers is a guidebook for the trainers of the chestnut producers and for all supporting organizations wishing to use the EcoChestnut course to provide further assistance to their members. It provides trainers with methodological instruction on how to conduct the EcoChestnut training course and emphasizes it modularity. This Manual aims at guiding trainers & consultants through the multiple elements of the EcoChestnut training course. It helps them preparing their training session, as well as better presenting the potentiality of the platform to their learners. The Manual is available in English, Bulgarian, French, Greek, Portuguese and Spanish.

Manual for trainers


For Chestnut Farmers & Producers: the EcoChestnut Guidebook on certification of organic chestnuts


The main objective of EcoChestnut Guidebook is to provide chestnut farmers with information how to certify their chestnuts as organic product. It includes only the relevant information to describe the entire process, step by step, as well as information about the average cost of the procedure. This Guidebook should help chestnut farmers & chestnut products producers get more familiar with the procedure and decide, or not, to engage themselves towards certification. The Guidebook also provide producers with a short, focused information on the training course content, offering an overview of the EcoChesnut course.


For Farmers and Policy makers: the EcoChestnut Handbook on ‘Diversification of the potential of the chestnut groves’


This Handbook provides policy makers and chestnut farmers with information on underused potentiality of chestnut grove and chestnut production. It proposes different ways of diversification of the chestnut production, illustrated by case studies. It includes 3 main contents:
1. An analysis on why restoring chestnut orchards
2. A decision grid to evaluate if a particular orchard is worth restoring
3. Technical documents and case studies related to different subjects such as agricultural diversification, agritourism, etc.

EcoChestnut Handbook


The EcoChestnut Learning Model

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